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Focus on Value Addition and Input Cost Reduction

The second part of the new millennium brought with it several challenges for the newspaper industry. The rapid increase in smartphone and internet penetration affected circulation in large national dailies, that continued to grow but at a slower rate. The issue was compounded by the global pandemic in 2019 and socio-political tensions in Europe that tremendously affected energy and oil prices. However, in 2014, sensing the demand for 'value added services' that increase the overall quality of the final print product (hence better ad rate prices), Newstech entered into a strategic alliance with Germany's IST Metz, the world leader in UV Curing Systems for offset printing. Since then, As of 2022, Newstech completed 19 successful installation projects for IST Metz Systems in India, serving industry leading clients such as the Times of India, Hindustan Times etc. IST has surged in popularity and there are several key projects currently in the pipeline for large national dailies as well as regional publishers.

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