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Innovating in the 90's: Automation Projects

Newstech continued to introduce innovative technologies in India through the 90's and into the new millennium, with automation focused strategic partnership projects being the main focus. Newstech introduced one of India's first Automatic Ink Pumping Systems from BETZ, Germany for Web-offset Presses in 1994 resulting in several installations. In 1999 Newstech introduced the DSC line of pressroom chemicals, widely considered the World’s leading Premium Offset Printing Chemicals Brand. This resulted in several large and long term chemicals supply contracts with many of India's leading publishers and packagers. The turn of the new millennium marked more automation centric strategic alliances, starting with Germany's NELA On-line Plates Punching & Bending Systems for Newspapers in 2000. In 2003, Newstech entered stepped into manufacturing and cemented it's legacy as India's first homegrown mailroom system manufacturer by entering into a manufacturing JV with the world leader in mailroom systems at the time, IDAB WAMAC, Sweden. This resulted in tremendous success with many regional as well as national dailies adopting the technology. Newstech deepened its focus on automation in 2004 by developing an economical Cross Strapper with TRANSPAK, Taiwan, for the rapidly growing Small & Medium Newspapers. Many of the resulting installations are still active to this day!

Image by Bank Phrom
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